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Fair Photos, Equity, We’re Making a Neighbor Late for School!

Snow globes were shaken, cards were made, cider was drunk, pizza was eaten… and a lot of fun was had at the Winter Fair last Friday. Thanks to everyone who contributed their creativity and energy. Room 4 hosted a photo booth that looked like this:

A link was sent via the Oxford “e-tree” mailing list to Shutterfly where you can see who stopped by the booth, who wore the most costumes, and you can also buy prints.

On Monday, January 26, all staff participated in a very productive and informative professional development day. In the morning, a speaker, Richard Villa, talked about the strengths of being a district that fully supports inclusion. Then there were breakout sessions on various topics related to special education, classroom management, and supporting positive behavior. After lunch, another speaker, Pamela Harrison-Small, talked about equity in our schools and how we need to reach all of our students and build a strong supportive school community. After that, there were breakout sessions about 4 different equity strategies to be used in the classroom. Overall, it was a good day to learn, reflect and talk to colleagues.

On another note, one of our neighbors is often late taking her child to school because Oxford parents block her driveway. Traffic safety around Oxford School is a big priority for all of us. Please park legally and if at all possible, travel around the school in a clockwise direction so the passenger door opens to the curb. Consider parking a block or two away and taking a nice morning stroll to bring your child to school. Please be considerate to the neighbors and other drivers… and be safe with our kids!

Thanks to all who made the Winter Fair happen! It was fun and lively and everyone had a good time!

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