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Individual Health Emergencies

Procedure in Case of Serious Injury at School

  1. Parent(s) are called immediately.

  2. If a parent cannot be reached, people listed on the emergency card are called.

  3. If parent and emergency contacts are unavailable, the child’s doctor is contacted.

  4. In case of extreme emergency, if none of the above persons is available, we will call 911 and your child will be taken by ambulance to Children’s Hospital Oakland.

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Disaster Procedures

We Have a Plan

In the case of an extremely severe earthquake or other disaster, children will be kept at Oxford until you and your children can be reunited. We have school-wide procedures, a plan to care for the safety and well-being of all students, and some supplies for the emergency.

If you would like to help us prepare for major emergencies, contact Kaitlin Buenger, the school secretary, at 510-644-6300.

How to Locate Your Child

If the building needs to be evacuated, we will set up camp on the playground until caregivers pick up at the Addison Street or Curtis Street gates. At no time will children be left unattended. Should the entire school site, including the playground, be unsafe, your child will be transported to another site, probably Strawberry Creek Park.

If telephone service is disrupted, parents will be notified by the AM radio stations KCBS 740 AM & 106.9 FMKSFO 560 AMKGO 810 AM and KVTO 1400 AM where school populations have been placed.


If Your Child Walks to School…

Parents should tell their children what to do if an earthquake occurs while on the walk to or from school.

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