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PTA Members and Volunteers

Oxford PTA Positions, 2024-2025

Please use this site’s contact form to email the PTA, or click the email links below.


Don’t see something that connects with you below? Let us know how YOU want to get involved.

2023-2024 Executive Board

Support Team

  • Kindergarten Liaison/Welcoming Families:  OPEN

  • Webmaster: Patricija Petrac & Ian Umeda

  • Social Media Admin: OPEN

  • Classroom Coordinator Liaisons: OPEN

  • Oxford Gear: Mimi Ohta, Rachele Savola, & Bronson Frick

  • After School Liaison: Kitshwa “Kiki” Genama 

  • Teacher Support & School Tours: Emily Ellingson

  • Green Team Lead: Matt Hirsch

  • Passive Fundraising: OPEN

  • Special Education Family Support: OPEN

  • Safety/Emergency Preparedness: OPEN

  • Food Drive Coordinator: OPEN

  • Teacher Representatives: TBD

Program Leads

Key Fundraisers

  • Read-A-Thon: Allyson Bogie, Shirley Huang, Jackie Overlid

  • Otterpalooza (Spring Fling and Raffle): OPEN

  • Toast to Oxford (Adult Mixer and Auction): OPEN

Community Building

  • Harvest Fair: OPEN

  • Walk ‘n’ Roll to School Day: Matt Hirsch

  • Golden Sneaker: Matt Hirsch

  • Winter Dance: OPEN

  • Holiday Baskets: OPEN

  • Math Nights: Mr. Pistrang & Emily Ellingston

  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week: Emily Ellingston, OPEN

Room Coordinators

Formerly known as "room parents," this vital role requires communication, social and organizational skills. A computer/ smartphone and Paypal and/or Venmo account for fundraising are also needed. A Classroom Coordinator is required for each classroom, acting as a communications bridge between the PTA and the parents/ caregivers in each class cohort. Messages are filtered through the Classroom Coordinator Liaisons.


Community building within classes and the grade level is also important. Liaising with the adjacent Classroom Coordinator at your grade level to set up outdoor all class/ all grade play dates (if conditions allow) or virtual get-together at the start of the school year to give an opportunity to build friendship and school spirit. Such events can be repeated if the interest is there. Additionally, they introduce new families to the class if they join mid year, creating a warm welcome to the Oxford Family.


During the regular school year the Calendar of responsibilities are roughly as follows:

  • Year Round - Encourage families to attend or volunteer to help out at various events, both fundraising events and social events.

  • September/ October - Fundraising - remind families of the Campaign for Oxford, which raises money to allow Oxford to offer PE, Art, Math Coaching, Science, Gardening and part of our enriched curriculum. 

  • September/October - Sign up for a Harvest Fair Booth and get volunteers to run your booth.

  • November - get excitement for Read-a-thon.

  • December - solicit funds/ drawings/ cards from families, to present to the class teachers as a Holiday appreciation gift.

  • January, February, March -  Solicit donations from Oxford families for the School Auction/ Community Party such as gift cards from small businesses, use of vacation homes, themed parties hosted by Oxford families, specialist skills and services and anything else worth bidding on!

  • February - encourage drawings/ cards from families for Valentines Day. If families decide to distribute drawings/cards, encourage them to do so for the entire class (optional)

  • May - participate and encourage class participation in Teacher & Staff appreciation week

  • June - solicit funds/ drawings/ photos from families, to present to the class teachers as an End of Year appreciation gift.

2023 - 2024 Room Coordinators

  • Kindergarten Ms. Lewis: 

  • Kindergarten Ms. Ahmed:

  • 1st Grade Ms. McGilvery:

  • 1st Grade Mr. Danielson:

  • 2nd Grade Ms. Uk:

  • 2nd Grade Ms. Vines:

  • 3rd Grade Mr. Della Penna:

  • 3rd Grade Ms. Nielson:

  • 4th Grade Ms Martin:

  • 4th Grade Ms.Holtzapple:

  • 5th Grade Ms. Omania:

  • 5th Grade Ms. Inniss:

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