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Literacy and Reading

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Oxford uses the TCRWP - Teachers' College Reading/Writing Project including Reading and Writing Workshops and FastTrack Phonics.

We are fortunate to have a Literacy Coach at Oxford.  The Literacy Coach, Amy Fry, reads with small groups of students in need of additional reading support.  She also works with teachers, providing instructional coaching and support.

Reading Buddies: Kindergartners are paired with a buddy class and meet to read together.


Each class goes to the Oxford Library once a week on a regularly scheduled day to hear a story and to check out and return books. The library is also open during recesses for students who prefer a quiet alternative to outdoor play.

Field Trips

District-Adopted Curriculum


For language arts, BUSD uses the TCRWP program (Teachers’ College Reading Writing Project).  Students go through the writing process, ending with a “published piece” that is shared with families. 


Students read books at their independent and instructional reading levels.  Teachers cover learning concepts through mini-lessons and by reading with small groups.  For math, BUSD uses A Story of Units (ASOU) as the curriculum. 


In addition to district-adopted curriculum, teachers supplement learning with other resources to meet the needs of the students.


Each teacher designs field trips to connect to or enhance their curriculum. 

In previous years, students have gone to a behind-the-scenes tour of the Oakland Airport, on a ranger-led walk to understand more about butterflies in Tilden Park, to a Marc Chagall art exhibit at the Judah L. Magnes Museum, and to the Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park.


The Oxford PTA subsidizes field trips for each class.

Tool Box

Toolbox Curriculum

All BUSD elementary schools practice a social-emotional learning curriculum called the Toolbox. Years of research in the field of childhood resiliency and social-emotional learning have taught us that emotional and behavioral regulation skills can be explicitly taught in schools, and that the benefits are huge.


The Toolbox curriculum gives students (and adults) “tools” to help us become effective learners, friends, community members, and citizens. For example, the first “tool” is the breathing tool. The idea is to teach students to use their tools when faced with challenging situations or to help them through life.

Enrichment Curriculum

Enrichment Programs

Oxford Elementary’s learning opportunities are enhanced by a variety of enrichment programs, offered during the school day and after school.


District-Funded Programs:

Library with Ms. Sasamoto (once a week) 

Garden Class with Gardener Sarah

Music 1st - 5th


PTA or Site-based Funded Programs

PE class  (once a week)

Art Class (once a week)

Kindergarten Music and Dance

Afro-Haitian Dance

Music Class


Every class at Oxford receives weekly music instruction. The Oxford PTA pays for kindergarten music or dance instruction and the district-wide music program begins in the 1st grade.


Kindergarten through 3rd grade students have music instruction once a week. The 3rd graders learn to read music and play the recorder. All 4th and 5th graders learn to play an instrument. In 4th grade each student receives an instrument (wind, brass or string) and begins instrumental instruction twice a week through 5th grade.


Music training continues into middle school, where students can participate in band or orchestra.

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Anna Rainer, Oxford's amazing art teacher, works with classroom teachers at all grade levels to integrate the visual arts into their content-area instruction.


Students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades have science once a week with the science teacher; students in the 4th and 5th grades have science instruction two times a week.  The curriculum is based upon the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Physical Education (P.E.)

Every class has P.E. instruction at least once a week, and sports and games are organized for students during recess.


Oxford Library

Oxford's librarian, Karen Sasamoto, lovingly and expertly maintains the school's library. By giving kids the freedom to explore, while also knowing just which books to suggest that will engage their interests and grow their literacy skills, Ms. Sasamoto serves as an invaluable resource for the school's readers (budding and voracious!).

Oxford is small (~275 students) but our students checked out over 17,500 in the 2022-2023 school year!

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Oxford Library Online has so Many Resources!

Librarian Karen Sasamoto maintains an Oxford Library site as part of the Libraries portal of the BUSD website. It’s a portal to a number of online resources that are free to the Oxford community. The Oxford Library site includes a Reading Suggestions database organized by topic, our Library Catalog, a robust Research portal with World Book Encyclopedia/Enciclopedia Estudiantil and other tools, our Class Projects portal, Google Classroom and many STEM resources.


What’s at Tales2Go for elementary school students

Also available in our library portal: more than 4,000 audiobooks, for listening via computer, tablet or phone, thanks to BUSD Library’s Tales2go account.

See the BUSD Library’s Tales2go page for login and easy instructions.

Read Widely and Diversely!

Reading with your student is the most important activity you can do with your child to support their education. For example, did you know children understand stories read aloud at a higher comprehension level than what they can read on their own?

1000 Black Girl Books Resource Guide | Great Kid Books blog

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