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SBA State Testing, Grades 3-5

  1. highlight text in passages and test questions

  2. zoom in and out of test pages

  3. mark specific items for review

  4. strikethrough (cross out answer options)

  5. use the calculator

  6. use the [Expand] button to display a reading passage or a science simulation

If you would like to have your child do some practice tests, go to the SBA website. We are very fortunate to have Robin Harley, our computer teacher, here to help us with the process, as well as BUSD staff. We are confident that the testing will go well! There will be state testing for only 5th grade in science. I’m not sure of the dates yet but I believe it’s in late April. Dr. Tibbot will be reviewing science prep questions in class to help prepare the students for testing. If you are interested in seeing the science release questions,  take a look at this California Department of Education handout, or just Google “Science Test Release Questions Grade 5” and you’ll get some information. This testing will be done the regular old-fashioned way, with paper and pencil. Thanks, Beth

#commoncore #standardizedtests

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