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Room 2: What Winter Means to Me . . . Lost Coats!

Ms. Uk asked her students to write about winter, and here is what some of her 1st graders wrote:

  1. “I am looking ford to spending time with my famly” – Eden

  2. “I cant wate to make a giger bed man” – Roy

  3. “On December my cusen is coming two my house and wall shes there were having are hanuku party” – Willa

Stop by Room 2 to see what others said. What parts of winter are you looking forward to?

Jackets and sweaters, oh my!

Winter means jackets. And what happens to a jacket when it’s warm and dry inside, or when someone runs around at recess? That’s right, it is taken off. That’s good, except when there’s no name written on it and then it heads to a huge pile of lost and found.

Everything not claimed or labeled will be donated on Friday December 19th, the last day before winter break.

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