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Thanks! + Bike to School Day 5/8 + Scary Truant Letter

On behalf of the staff, I’d like to thank you all for the wonderful luncheon for Teacher Appreciation Day. It was so nice to have a lovely lunch and to be able to sit with each other and talk. We never get to do that. It was a treat.

Tomorrow is officially Bike To Work & School Day. With all that is going on (teacher luncheon, Creativity & Science Fair, Talent Show, concerts and assemblies, budget deadlines and more…), this one slipped by me and we didn’t put out anything official about this big event. But if you need an excuse to get up extra early and bike to school, this is a good one!

And finally, if your child is absent, please call the office and let Ms. Deanna know. When your child hits a certain number of “unexcused” absences, you get a scary-looking letter from me. One way to avoid that is to let us know the reason for the absences. Of course, a better way is for your child to come to school. (If there are an excessive number of absences for any reason, you will get a scary letter anyway. But hopefully we won’t need to do those.) School sites lose about $40/day that a child is absent, regardless of the reason.

Thank you for all your help and support with everything!

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