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Chinook Books/Apps Now Available!

This year’s

Chinook Books, Combo packs and Mobile editions are chock full of great discounts that allow you to shop and give back to Oxford at the same time.

  1. Printed Books: $20

  2. Mobile App: $15 (now valid 12 months from start date!)

  3. Combo Pack: $25 (printed book + mobile app)

Take advantage of 50% off any item when you purchase an item of equal or greater value at Gather, Pizza Moda, Tomate Cafe, Gaumenkitzel and La Note.

In need of entertainment? How about one free admission with a purchase of one paid admission to Chabot, SF Zoo (can’t wait to see the new baby giraffe!), and Aquarium of the Bay.

Plenty of deals to be had in local grocery coupons, grocery products, wellness, gifts, sports and home and garden. Don’t miss out!

Need a book now? Email Colleen Uzgiris. I’ll also be at the first PTA meeting on 9/17 and at the Heritage Potluck on 9/19.

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