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Give a costume, take a costume!

Oxford Costume Swap

Halloween 🎃  is approaching, and you may be thinking about costumes. If you have old costumes that no longer fit, consider donating them to the Oxford Costume Swap!

A table is set up near the office, where you can donate old costumes (with all weapons removed), and you or your child may also take a gently used costume (or accessories) to wear this year! 👻

Costume Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. No clowns this year, please!

  2. No weapons at school (including light sabers)

  3. Costumes should be age-appropriate and not too scary for the little ones

  4. Costumes should avoid ethnic stereotypes

  5. Children should not wear their costume to school; please send your child’s costume in a bag.

  6. Children should be able to walk in their shoes, including up and down stairs

  7. Please arrange to come to school to help your child if they need assistance putting on their costume

  8. Do not count on the teacher being able to apply makeup or help with costume pieces

The annual Halloween parade is on Monday, October 31 at 1:00 pm on the lower playground (or, if it rains, inside the building)!

~ Ms. Heidi and Ms. Rhine

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