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Letter from Beth Rhine

Tonight, Wednesday, November 6, the BUSD School Board made the decision to move Oxford in the Fall of 2020 to the new location at West Campus, adjacent to the district office at 2020 Bonar Street.

This has been a challenging time for many of us, trying to process the geological report and its ramifications. There is a range of opinions about the report, the risks outlined, the idea of moving Oxford to a new site, or remaining in the current location, and everything involved in this situation. I do not want differing opinions to divide our community or to create tension among us. I respect that everyone has an opinion regarding the situation and honor whatever decisions families have made, whether it’s to stay at Oxford or to move to another school. The bottom line is that we all want the best for our children and are sometimes faced with hard decisions in this quest.

Moving forward, I am excited about the move and the challenge of creating a new school environment. Since school began, I have been involved in several meetings at the new site, including the layout of classrooms, office space, and the playground. Things have been moving forward and I am confident that the building will be ready for us in August 2020. Within the next few months, our School Site Council (SSC) will have an opportunity to tour the new school site. A staff committee will also be able to take a tour of the site, too. Due to it being a construction site, large groups cannot be accommodated. But when it is ready to go, hopefully we will be able to have some sort of Open House event.

We have an amazing school community and I am hopeful that our community will remain strong. For those who make the hard decision to leave Oxford, I wish you the best and you will be missed.

If you are interested in watching Superintendent Stephens’ and Facilities Director John Calise’s presentation to the School Board last night, it’s on Youtube. Their presentation began around 8:15pm. Details and plans regarding the site were shared around 8:25pm. There was a lot of information shared, including timelines and upcoming meetings. As I receive information, I will share with you and/or let you know where to find it. Right now, there is a link on the BUSD website for Oxford information. Hopefully last night’s presentation will be posted there soon.

I appreciate everyone’s patience and support through this challenging situation. I am confident that we will continue to be a strong community at our new site.

Thank you, Beth Rhine

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