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POSTPONED: Thurs 9/15 SGC meeting

Because the 2015–16 Site Governance Council members are unable to pull together a quorum for our first 2016–17 meeting this Thursday, that meeting is cancelled.

However, we would like to remind you that SGC nomination forms are out there (green piece of paper from last Thursday’s Thursday folder, on the website, via email—send Beth a blurb about your interest), and we look forward to having some new members join us for what will be an interesting and exciting year.

Just a reminder that the SGC is a group of parents, teachers and staff representatives that meet once per month with Beth to review and approve budgeting decisions, review and approve the site plan, facilitate the school-wide survey and collect input for fundraising. We are looking to fill 4 or 5 slots. The district-wide SGC training will be Tuesday, October 18, and our first meeting will be right before or right after that date, typically 6:00 pm.

For me, serving on SGC has allowed me to better understand and support decision-making at school and the fundraising efforts outside of school; school personnel are working as hard as they can to meet the needs all students, despite the competing demands on such few dollars.

Any parent can nominate him or herself for SGC.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Thanks, Nina Cohen 2015–16 SGC Co-President

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