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SGC 2017 Survey Results (from 3/13 Coffee)

In case you missed the “Coffee with the Principal” community discussion on March 13, 2017, click here to find a copy of the presentation about the 2017 survey.

After reading many of the comments from our SGC survey, it has become clear that many of our families desire a strong community at Oxford…us too!! We are here for you! We want and need you to come forward and let us hear your voice, ideas, concerns and simply get connected! While it is one focus of the PTA to fundraise for our school, it is equally important to encourage folks to come together for community building.

We heard from another parent yesterday that she was reaching out to her classroom to set up dates with other families to “break bread” together with a focus on families of which people didn’t know. This is a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing it and we hope other classrooms might take this on!

Let’s continue to make Oxford the best place possible by finding ways to stay positive, continue to love and embrace not only our children but our entire community!

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