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The PTA Needs You Next Year!

Harvest Fair 2013

A Great Year, With More to Come

The PTA would like to offer a huge thank you to all of the parents/guardians who volunteered their time and money to help make this year’s events successful! The events and programming surely wouldn’t have been so great without the hard work of all of you. A sincere thank you, Sabrina & Laurie.

Many hands make light work: the PTA needs your help for 2014/15. (Thanks to those of you who have already stepped up to the plate!)

PTA Open Positions

  1. 1 person needed: Food Coordinator for events (Kirsten Tobey, Yelena Libova will assist)

  2. 1 person needed: Co-Coordinator for Harvest Faire (with Nishanga Bliss)

  3. 1 person needed: Volunteer Coordinator for events

  4. 2 to 4 people needed: Assistant grant writers (to help Niki Laddish and Nina Cohen)

  5. 1 person needed: Scrip Gift Card Coordinator (to assist Tara Baker)

Please email and let us know if you have questions. Thanks!

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