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34 in One Class? Board Mtg 12/10!

Please join us at the BUSD School Board meeting on 12/10/14 at 7:30 (2020 Bonar Street) to stop overcrowding at Oxford!

Parent organizers are asking the BUSD School Board to take specific steps to prevent further overcrowding at our school. We are requesting that they:

  1. Bring only two Kinder classes next year (instead of 3)

  2. Establish three 4th grade classes (current plan is for 2 classes of 32-34 students each!)

  3. Retain Room 9 for students with special needs.

They have heard our appeal, but we need strong representation at the upcoming Board Meeting. If you can, arrive by 7:15 to help fill the speaker box with Oxford names. This does not obligate you to speak (you can give your time to someone else). Please come and stand for Oxford!

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