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A Challenging Week: Emergency

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We made it through this challenging week! The students have been amazing. They have been cooperative (mostly) and on track and making things move smoothly. Lots of snowball game points have been given out; if we could just be able to have a game outside, that would help! I love these kids . . . even those who give me a few gray hairs.

The staff have also been great, everyone stepping up to help out with classroom/recess coverage, giving each other breaks and just making the week flow like the regular routine. I’m lucky to work with such an amazing group of people. Today I got to dance with the kindergarteners and the 2nd grade, read a book to a 2nd grade class, and visit with some 3rd graders while they were writing. It was great to see all that was happening at Oxford!

A big thanks to the families who have been supporting the school, helping out however they can. Running this school really is a community effort.

Some families kept their kids home this week, concerned about air quality; I completely understand that families have to do what they determine is best for their child. If you kept them home due to the air quality, please call the office and leave a message. Those absences are excused, per the Superintendent.

It’s so hard to see what’s happening with the fires up north and how so many people’s lives will be changed forever. I know our community is sending out our best wishes for everyone’s safety and well being.

When I hear of those types of disasters, I think of how we need to be prepared in case something happens to us at Oxford. One of my goals this year is to create a one-page handout for families regarding what Oxford would do in case of a major fire, earthquake or other disaster. Just so you know for now, if we ever had to evacuate Oxford campus, the first place we would go is to Live Oak Park, as indicated on our current Emergency Info page. I’ll work on that document and get that out to you in the near future.

We had a community meeting this morning which started with the introduction of the Walkathon. After that, the theme was being an ally. We talked about what that means and then I showed two videos and we talked about how we can make the world a more awesome place. I’m adding the links to this message, in case you want to check them out. I’ve showed them in past years, and will probably continue to do so. They are two of my favorites.

Have a good weekend . . . and stay safe and healthy out there!

~ Beth Rhine

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