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Back To School Night–Thursday 9/4!

It’s early this year, so we are jumping right into school events. Back-to-School Night is this Thursday, September 4th. This is an adult-only event. We are not planning on having childcare but if this is keeping you from being able to attend, please contact me.

Teachers will meet with parents/guardians in the classroom to review classroom rules and expectations, curriculum, and special projects and/or field trips. This is the time to make that connection to the teacher and to hear what is going on in the classroom.

The schedule for Back-to-School Night:

  1. 6:00–6:45 Grades K–2

  2. 6:45–7:15 All School Assembly in Cafeteria with Principal

  3. 7:15–8:00 Grades 3–5

Hope to see everyone there, Beth Rhine, Principal

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