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Early Dismissal, Report Cards, Conferences, Holidays!

From The Oxford News:

It’s Report Card and Parent Conference Time!

Teachers have been working hard to get them done and I’ve spent some time looking them over, too. It helps to give me a more complete picture of each child. Report cards will go home next week; they will be given to families at the parent/teacher conference. If you haven’t scheduled your conference or have forgotten when it is, be sure to reach out to your child’s teacher. KQED’s MindShift has a helpful guide on focusing parent-teacher conferences on creating a partnership, so please check it out.

This is a new report card format, aligned to the Common Core standards, so everyone is still getting used to it. As with any report card, only limited information can be conveyed with numbers and marks; the critical part of knowing how your child is doing at school is the parent/teacher conference. An information sheet explaining report cards in more detail will be given to families at the conference. Blanks on the report cards show that it isn’t any area of concern, or that the topic hasn’t been taught yet. There may also be an N/A if it hasn’t been covered yet. Be sure to check out the information sent home by our Family Engagement Liaison to help be prepared for the parent/teacher conference.

Early Dismissal 11/4 to 11/7, Closures 11/10 & 11/11

BUSD schedules shortened days for conferences for teachers from 11/4–11/7. The release times are: Kinder – 12:20; 1st grade – 5th grade – 1:00.

Monday, November 10 is a conference day, no school for students. AND, Tuesday, November 11 is Veteran’s Day, a holiday, so no school for everyone that day! Be sure to mark those calendars.

Halloween Parade Friday!

We will be having our annual Halloween parade at 1:15 on Friday, October 31. The plan is to have the parade outside on the lower playground. If it rains, we will figure out a parade plan for inside the building. Be prepared – it will be cozy if we are all inside! For this to be a fun and safe event, please follow our guidelines:

  1. Absolutely no weapons at school (including light sabers)

  2. Costumes should be age-appropriate and not too scary for the little ones

  3. Costumes should avoid ethnic stereotypes

  4. Children should be able to walk in their shoes, including up and down stairs

  5. Children should not come to school in costume; please send your child’s costume in a bag.

  6. If your child needs assistance putting on their costume, please arrange to come to school to help or work something out with the teacher.

If you have a personal objection to your child’s participation in the parade, please let your classroom teacher know. We will arrange an alternate activity for your child during the parade, but we still want every student to come to school!

Altar for Días de los Muertos

Oxford celebrates Day of the Dead! With Aztec roots, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) acknowledges the cycle of life and death and is celebrated throughout Latin America. In the U.S. and Mexico, it is observed on November 1st and 2nd. Traditionally, it is a festive occasion set aside to honor, remember and celebrate the lives of departed love ones. This year one of our families constructed an ofrenda (altar) in the main hall with photos, marigolds, food and objects the departed enjoyed in life. Your family is invited to bring a small something in remembrance of someone who passed away. Even though the children treat the ofrenda with great respect, please do not include valuable or irreplaceable items.

– Beth Rhine, Principal

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