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Forms, Forms, Forms

Next week you will receive a packet of forms all families are required to complete:

  1. Lunch Form (or do this one online and print the confirmation page to hand in)

  2. Library Information & Permission Slip

  3. Media Opt-Out Form

  4. Emergency Information Form

It’s very important that everyone reviews and completes the packet. Please be sure to read through the meal application process letter, too.

If you would prefer to do the lunch form on line, just go to If you complete the form on-line, print out the confirmation page at the end of the process and return it to the school when you send in the other forms. That will help the process in case any questions arise; we need the confirmation number to reference your application.

If you want to pay for lunches ahead of time, you can go to and pay ahead online.

Thank you for your effort in working through all the forms!

– Beth Rhine, Principal

P.S. If you have any desire to come in this week and do a little collating, let me know!  Thanks.

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