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Give Back More on Thank-Scrip-ing Day: Mon 9/15


shop & give!

When you shop using gift cards bought through the ShopWithScrip program, you raise money for Oxford!  If you’ve been thinking about signing up online to be able to order from 300+ retailers, now is the time!

Monday 9/15 (through midnight Eastern time, which is 9:00 pm our time), is “Thank-Scrip-ing Day”: a special one-day promotion on a select number of electronic gift cards, called “ScripNow” cards. These e-cards can be printed and used immediately once I submit all the orders at the end of the day (even if you pay by check).

Sign up now—it only takes a few minutes. The mailing list version of the message has Oxford’s code, or you can email me. Extended family and friends are also welcome to join and help support Oxford—they don’t have to be local.

Once you’ve signed up, you can start shopping immediately. Until 9:00 pm PT on Monday 9/15, partake in the highest rebate offers on popular ScripNow products and get your electronic gift cards delivered to your ShopWithScrip account in minutes.

A few sample bonus rebates offered for Oxford’s benefit on this day only:

  1. Staples – 10% (normally 5%) – purchase a $50 e-card, Oxford gets $5 immediately

  2. Overstock – 10% (normally 5%)

  3. Groupon – 12% (normally 7%)

  4. Marshall’s/HomeGoods/TJMaxx – 10% (normally 7%)

  5. West Elm – 10% (normally 8%)

  6. Applebee’s – 13% (normally 8%)

  7. BestBuy – 5% (normally 3%)

All special offers are listed here on

Note: ScripNow purchased with PrestoPay will be available in minutes. Orders placed during the 24 hour promotion and paid for by check will still receive Thank-Scrip-ing Day rebates, and families will receive their ScripNow eCard in minutes after the coordinator releases the order.

For future orders, if you sign up for “PrestoPay”, ShopWithScrip’s online payment system, your ScripNow eCards will be available to print out within minutes. PrestoPay is like PayPal—it enables an automatic debit from your checking account. Out of town family/friends can use this feature to get e-certificates while supporting Oxford!

There’s even a mobile app for gift card purchases on the go—making it even easier to support Oxford with your everyday purchases. This is called MyScripWallet.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like help signing up. I will come early to the PTA meeting this Wednesday with plastic cards for sale and a computer for anyone who’d like to sign up then.

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