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Join SiPwiK (Single Parents with Kids)!

We are so glad you are here

What kinds of venues and activities would you like to see happen? Playground playdates? Weekend morning play time with kids at rotating venues? Coffee for parents who need to kvetch? Hikes? Beach days? You tell us what sounds appealing, and we will advertise the meet-up.

SiPwiK (Single Parents with Kids Meet-up group forming at Oxford! Please respond to to receive updates on meetings and activities. *Please state the group you are interested in and your contact info.

We are hoping that someone interested in being in the group will volunteer to run the group after the first event to keep things going. I propose the first meeting to be something like a weekend play date at Dreamland for Kids (a the Marina) with feeding the ducks. The PTA could provide a box of coffee from Pete’s, plus BYOS (bring your own snacks).

Would you like to be a lead organizer of the group?

Please let us know what you think, Kendra and Ramon

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