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Join the Makers Kids Club!

You don’t have to be a maker, nor do you have to know how to do ANYTHING, nor do you have to pay anything, nor even do anything, BUT you DO have to be interested, and you CAN do more if you want!

The Makers Kids Club will meet one day a week (or one day a month depending on the level of interest) during Oxford’s Berkeley LEARNS After School Program hours. Anyone from the Oxford or BUSD community can join. Parents of Maker kids volunteer their time for supervision (one hour meetings), it is not mandatory, but helpful. Kids who join without parents must sign a waiver, but are welcomed.

Being a member of the group means fundraising for supplies and tech support, being enthusiastic, and/or volunteering your time. You DO NOT have to be enrolled in Berkeley LEARNS to join!

The first project will be squishy circuits. We can do animation, chemistry, sewing, carpentry, and anything else (there are loads if ideas on the maker website). At the end if the year we can display the projects in the creativity fair at Oxford. I hope to have this Club grow and be ongoing.

Please email me if you are interested!

Best, Kendra Dodsworth (Oxford Parent)

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