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ShopWithScrip Gift Cards on Sale Today


shop & give!

Last year Oxford launched “ShopWithScrip”, a fundraising program that works while you shop. There’s no selling required (unless you’re one of us, the organizers, and our wonderful volunteers!) All you have to do to help raise money for Oxford is just spend your regular shopping dollars using gift cards from the ShopWithScrip program instead of paying with cash, check or credit card. (This is NOT eScrip.)

Gift Cards for 25 retailers will be available for sale Friday morning at the PTA coffee 8-9am, and at the 1:20p & 2:05p pick ups. Please come by to learn more about this great program and check out our inventory! Bring cash or check to purchase.

Last year we raised $1200! Even after launching the program too late to benefit from December holiday shopping. That’s basically “free money” donated by the retailers, who offer their gift cards at a discount to non-profits through the “Shop with Scrip” program.

How it works:

Participating national and local retailers like Peet’s, Berkeley Bowl, Target, Subway, Starbucks, Home Depot sell gift certificates to us at a discount. Our families by the certificates at face value, and Oxford keeps the difference.

  1. A $100 Berkeley Bowl gift card earns $4 for Oxford.

  2. $100 spent at the Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic earns $14

The rebate varies by retailer. Peet’s is 8%, Amazon 3%, CVS 6%. There are more than 300 participating retailers!

To learn more, and to sign up online where you can order from the full 300+ retailers, go to Our enrollment code is regularly given out via the Oxford mailing list.

If you have questions or would like to purchase cards, please email Tara Rayder Baker or Debbie Shrem, your fearless “ShopWithScrip” Coordinators.

Let’s get shopping & support our school!

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