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Student Council: Pajama & Stuffy Day (Th 1/29)

Introducing the Student Council by Sasha Gomes, 4th grade

In 3rd, 4th and 5th grade classes, there are elected 2–3 Student Council members. This year the members are:

  1. 3rd Grade: Sam Feldman, Alex Vu, Jessica Heller, Leighton Sproul, Shanza Raiaz Syed, Emma Claus

  2. 4th Grade: Carlos Gonzales, Sasha Gomes, Charlotte Takakuwa, Albert Shapiro, Milo Klise, Italia Providence

  3. 5th Grade: Andreas Baechler, Lev Gruber, Lila Higley, Mabel Robinson-McGee, Maclain Pagenhart, Halimah Musaed

  4. They are advised by Ms. Muller and Ms. Foster (two fourth grade teachers)


Each year Student Council organizes a project and a spirit day. They have been working on deciding what the spirit day is and we now know. All of Oxford’s students voted and the vote totals are: Twin, Triplett, Quadruplet Day received 40 votes and Dress Up Anyway Day got 68 votes. And the winner is…

Pajama and Stuffy Day with 162 votes! It will be held on Thursday, January 29th. The 29th is coming up so get ready for the fun. Thanks to all Oxford students for voting.

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