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Wed 11/5: School Bd Overcrowding Session

The School Board and BUSD are currently eliciting suggestions from the community about the best ways to address overcrowding in the elementary schools. Suggestions can be sent to the superintendent, Donald Evans, at; you can also cc Josh Daniels, School Board Chair, at joshdaniels@berkeley.netThey hope to “put everything on the table,” and they are looking for both short-term (for next year) and long-term solutions.

On Wednesday, November 5th, the Board will hold a special session to present and discuss the various possible solutions. They are hoping for community feedback before that meeting, so they can choose strategies as quickly as possible after the meeting.

Some background:

Two weeks ago, the school board held a special session to look at the facts around overcrowding (a video of that discussion is here: ). Based on their data, they predict we’ll need 4-6 additional elementary classrooms for next year, and perhaps 10 new elementary classrooms over the next 3 years (please view the video for more detailed information, or see the handouts at

Please take this opportunity to make your voice heard.

Carol Finis Perez Family Engagement Coordinator 510-849-7396

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