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Earn $ for Oxford: ShopWithScrip—Orders Due Monday!

Please take a few minutes to learn more about this fundraising program


shop & give! helps us earn FREE money for Oxford, when we shop using gift cards purchased through the program. This is not eScrip. With, cards for places you shop give a rebate of 2-20% back to our school. For example, if you spent the following:

  1. $100 Gap/Old Navy etc = $14 for Oxford

  2. $40 Peet’s = $3.20

  3. $100 Berkeley Bowl or Safeway = $4

  4. $200 Amazon = $6

  5. $50 iTunes = $2.50

  6. $25 Barnes & Noble = $2.25

>> A total of $31 would go to Oxford!

What’s the catch? You’ll need to plan ahead and purchase your cards before you shop, instead of using your credit card, check or cash. If you’re a more spur-of-the-moment shopper, you can purchase e-cards instantly! Called “ScripNow,” you’ll need to sign up for ShopWithScrip’s “PrestoPay” option (look for the link on the lower left sidebar after you’ve set up your account).

You can choose from 100’s of retailers. Gift cards also make great gifts! Learn more at

To start earning money for Oxford, sign up at with Oxford’s enrollment code (Contact the PTA for the enrollment code). Extended family and friends are also welcome to join and help support Oxford.

If you’d like to order cards using a paper form, they are available in the wall bins outside the office, or from Tara Baker. The next ShopWithScrip order will be submitted on Monday 3/10. Please complete your order & bring a check to Deanna in the office or to Tara by Monday. Checks should be made out to “Oxford PTA” & include “ShopWithScrip” & your order number.

Questions? Contact Tara Baker or Tammy Banjany.

Thank you for your participation & support!

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